Snail Games Announces Outlaws Of The Old West With Trailer

Snail Games' new publishing label, Wandering Wizard, is set to release Outlaws of the Old West, an open world survival game developed by Virtual Basement.

Snail Games, publisher of a number of free-to-play online and mobile games, recently announced the launch of a new publishing label dedicated to releasing independent games from North America and Europe. The new label, named Wandering Wizard, is kicking things off with an open world sandbox survival western, Outlaws of the Old West, developed by Virtual Basement.

Outlaws of the Old West is set in the nineteenth century American West, and players take on the roles of settlers trying to tame the land. To survive the old West, they'll need to hunt, forage, mine, and craft the materials they need. As they progress, players will be able to construct everything from camps to forts, and they can even become mayor of their own towns.

Gameplay takes place on servers hosting up to 150 people, and as players explore the map, which is filled with deserts, plains, swamps, and mountains, they'll decide the direction the narrative on their server takes. Using a morality system, they'll be able to build their own unique reputations, taking on roles ranging from a defender that protects other players and settlements to a cold-blooded outlaw.

Just as the players drive the narrative, they will also determine the economy. They can mine for gold, farm and craft, and even purchase land deeds that allow them to setup shops and auction houses for trading with other players. Those with the inclination can also make a living hiring themselves out as a mercenary or a guard.

This system will provide something for just about every type of player, as those who elect to become farmers, hunters, and miners will need the protection that can be provided by the gunslingers. On the flip side, fighters are going to need someone to supply them with the basic items for living. Of course, if you feel like more of a villain, you could just try to take what you want.

According to the Outlaws of the Old West Steam page, the game is set to release on March 12, 2019. Of course, this may be the Early Access launch rather than the official one. 

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Published Feb. 25th 2019

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