Show Your Fan Love with Skullgirls Weekly Tees

Check every week for a new shirt featuring Skullgirls art.

Limited edition t-shirts from places like the Yetee and Tee-Fury seem to be all the craze now. Lab Zero Games, the creators of Skullgirls, have teamed up with Eighty Sixed Clothing to bring fans shirts along the same vein.

The shirts, which can be bought here, will be up for 168 hours at a time. For those of you who can't do math quickly, that is one week. This week's shirt features Big Band, the second DLC character from the Indiegogo campaign.

In addition to the limited edition tees, you can pick up a few other tees and a set of Skullgirls' pins that feature the logos of the original nine characters.

Apparently, this has been going on for a weeks already. Unfortunately, I had just heard of it so I missed out on a few cool designs. Thankfully, though, it seems like every shirt of the week looks good. My wardrobe is in some dire need of Skullgirls apparel.

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Published May. 10th 2013

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