Thatgamecompany working on something new?

Thatgamecompany is working on something, a game that might borrow from Journey's unique multiplayer.

Thatgamecompany, the developers behind gorgeous games like Flower and Journey, has recently tweeted about needing new server engineers for their newest “connection driven experience”.

After clicking the link and looking over TGC’s server engineer requirements it seems that their next project will be building on the unique online system used in Journey.  For those unfamiliar with this system, Journey’s online multiplayer allowed players to see each other while playing the game but the players could not communicate directly with each other and their online usernames are only revealed at the end of the game.

This online system may seem odd at first, but when implemented in Journey it gave a sense of connection and worked as a subtle characteristic of the game. Thatgamecompany has not revealed much about this future project, only that it will not be exclusive to the PlayStation like Journey was. If Thatgamecompany can enhance or transform the already unique multiplayer aspect of Journey, it could be that their upcoming project might feature another outstanding and unique form of multiplayer.


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Published Aug. 14th 2015

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