New Details On Smite For Xbox One

Todd Harris unloads some details on Smite and how its PC and console versions will differ.

PAX East was a big event for Smite. It gave many people a chance to try Smite on the Xbox One, along with other fun activities to get to know the game and talk to some employees of Hi-Rez Studios. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk to Todd Harris, Co-founder and chief operating officer of Hi-Rez studios about Smite on Xbox and got some pretty interesting details about the game that shouldn't be overlooked.

Xbox One and PC will play on separate servers

It appears that if you play Smite on the Xbox, you will not be able to play with your friends on PC. This isn't very shocking, but there have been a few recent games like War Thunder that do allow people from console to play with those on PC. At the very least this will give you a higher chance of playing with other people who have a microphone as it always appears that more people have on when it comes to playing consoles online rather than PC.

Patches will be brought to Xbox One 30 days behind the PC

This is great news. It's very common that console games get left in the dust when it comes  to updating software. Hi-Rez is planning on giving the Xbox One Smite just as much attention as its PC counterpart. This means that when a balance change hits PC servers, you don't have to hope that someday it comes to console. They intend to have the patch brought over within the month.

You can bring over your data from PC to Xbox One

Todd Harris did give me some information that they intend to allow people to bring over their purchases from the PC to Xbox. So if you already have an account and have skins or the Ultimate God Pack purchased, you can copy that over to the console. However,

However, this is something can only be done once. Once you copy your data over the two accounts will stay separate. If you buy a skin on PC, it will now copy over to console after your transfer. So keep in mind to wait until after all your purchases are done before swapping.

Hi-Rez does want to see eSports grow on Xbox One

Not too shocking, but Hi-Rez Studios does want to see Smite on console be a valued esport like its PC counterpart. They intend to run smaller tournaments similar to what they did on PC to test the water and will help grow the scene as interest persists.

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Published Mar. 9th 2015

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