HTC Reveals Virtual App Store Viveport

HTC will release Viveport, a virtual reality store packed with a variety of content.

Why walk to the store when you can just put on a pair of goggles? HTC has revealed Viveport, its new virtual store that will feature social media, news, 360 degree video, and much more -- all accessible in virtual reality.

Announced at VRLA on August 5, the store will be available on Vive headsets, web browsers, and a mobile app. While offering its own content, HTC also encourages content developers to market their own content through the store.

HTC hopes to sell content in education, design, art, music, sports, health, fashion, travel, creativity tools, and more through the store.

According to the official announcement:

"With Viveport, we hope to further our missions of unleashing the human imagination from the limitations of reality by offering the most immersive and diverse selection of VR experiences possible"."

A developer beta will be released within a few weeks. The full store will be available across 30 different countries this fall, in conjunction with an update to Vive Home, the company’s pre-existing virtual space.


Published Aug. 8th 2016

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