Xbox is trying to Break the Internet but, in a good way

Xbox Live is working on a tournament app to make Xbox more cross platform friendly.

Electronic Sports League and Microsoft band together to bring tournament software to Xbox Live, Xbox Live Tournament Platform.  

ESL's new partnership with Microsoft is an innovative step to facilitate more than Call of Duty or Halo tournaments. The Xbox Live Tournament Platform  will allow Xbox to branch off into news games and to run tournaments from the actual console. Chad Gibson, group program manager at Xbox Live stated, the app could be used by gamers to create Rocket League tournaments. The Platform will support both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Not only is Microsoft trying to dive into cross platform gameplay they are trying to bring a solid method of hosting those games, which makes perfect sense; why would you make Blu-Ray players and not make Blu-Rays? You wouldn't! Microsoft has created an esports league for Halo.

There isn't any mentions of a beta or preview for this app but, continue to look forward to a message on XBL asking you to be the first to preview it. 

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Published Mar. 20th 2016

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