HyperX Alloy Origins Review: One of 2019's Best Keyboards

The HyperX Alloy Origins is a solid keyboard, bolstered by great customization options.

When I reviewed the HyperX Cloud Alpha S, I mentioned how there was nothing like owning a solid gaming headset. I stand by that statement. To be able to compete, though, gamers need more than a good pair of cans. They also need a great keyboard.

By great, I mean one that fits your particular needs. Anyone can grab the latest and greatest mechanical keyboard. And for their money, they'll likely get a pleasant experience. Maybe even improve their game a bit. But finding one that suits your playstyle is key.

Insert the HyperX Alloy Origins  a full-sized gaming keyboard with all the trimmings. We’re talking custom switches, backlit keys, multiple modes of play, and more. It has what any gamer could want at an affordable price.

HyperX Alloy Origins Design

The HyperX Alloy Origins is stylish. Its mechanical keys, composed of HyperX Red switches, sit up on the board as if they’re daring you to type. Their linear design offers less feedback than other switch types. That said, their travel path is clear of any “bumps,” allowing for repeated presses in quick succession.

RBG lighting is designated for each key. This provides a nice under glow and characters (numbers, letters, etc.) that pop. With five different brightness levels, Origins offers illumination options for any setting.

Origins is also designed to be compact. Even though it has a full set of keys and a number pad, it won’t take up a ton of real estate, freeing up space for other peripherals. Being a writer/illustrator, I typically adorn my desk with a keyboard, mouse, Wacom tablet, and whatever else I’ll need throughout the day. Having more room is always a plus.

Beyond stylish, this keyboard is also durable. Its lightweight, aluminum body features an aircraft-grade brushed finish. This makes it sturdy, which is something I can attest to. I accidentally dropped it once while transporting it to different rooms in my house, and it held up in the process.

Origins is made to be portable. It comes with a detachable USB (Type-C to Type-A) cable for quick hookup. It also has three adjustable angles via the tabs on the back, making it suitable for various tabletops and surfaces. Need to take it to a friend’s house? Having a LAN party? Want to use it with a console? Origins has you covered.

HyperX Alloy Origins Comfort

I typically stay away from mechanical keyboards with raised keys. They usually sit at an angle that isn’t conducive to gaming for long periods. That’s even when using adjustable tabs.

That isn’t the case with the HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard, though. Messing around with the tabs on the back, I was able to find an angle that works for me.

Take that with a grain of salt, of course. While I’d champion the board for providing a certain level of comfort thanks to it’s three different tab settings I’m the variable here. Still, it would be remiss of me not to share that bit of info. Assuming I’m not the only one who has experienced this sort of thing before.

Carpal tunnel inducing stress aside, the HyperX Red switches feel great to push. The up and down movements are always smooth. There’s no click or bump (for feedback purposes). This results in rapid button presses that feel responsive by design. I swear, my typing speed has gone up since using the Origins.

HyperX Alloy Origins Customization

The thing that makes Origins stand out is the ability to customize the experience. This is done using NGENUITY a software that allows you to adjust the keyboard's more advanced features. Once it’s downloaded to your PC (via the HyperX website), you’ll be able to change everything from the way the keys light up to tailoring custom profiles.

NGENUITY is easy to use. A few keypresses and I was able to create custom macros, for instance. Making custom profiles was easier than some other programs as well. Origin’s on-board memory allows for three different profiles, complete with their macros, key bindings, etc. You can even save unique backlighting effects like having various colored lights “waving” through the keyboard  to each profile.

Keeping track of each profile is simple, thanks to the LED indicator housed above the number pad. The same goes for the toggled modes. The indicator light will let you know if you’ve put the keyboard in Game Mode, disabling certain keys (like Alt+Tab) to keep interruptions at a minimum.

Origins also features 100% anti-ghosting and full N-key rollover, which means it’s possible to press multiple keys at once and still have them all register. The coolest feature, though, has to be the ability to link unique macros and customizations to specific games. Meaning, as soon as you load a game, the keyboard will change the functionality of its keys, go into Game Mode, etc.

The Key to Gaming

The HyperX Alloy Origins is a great keyboard. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that some other higher-priced models might the switches aren’t interchangeable, for instance. Still, it sports a ton of customization features, resulting in a suitable board for just about anybody. That’s what makes it better than some of the more expensive keyboards out there.

Its portability is also nice. The lightweight frame and detachable USB cord screams plug and play. This is especially great when it comes to the Xbox One and PS4; I was able to use it seamlessly with both consoles, right out of the box.


  • The HyperX Red switches are responsive, feel great to push
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy frame
  • Plug and play USB connection (works with Xbox One/PS4 out of box)
  • On-board memory housing three custom profiles
  • Easy to use customization software
  • Affordable price
  • Compact design
  • RGB Lighting with over 16 million colors


  • Can’t change switches – swap out HyperX Red for HyperX Aqua and vice versa

The HyperX Alloy Origins is one of the best keyboards I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. It has some great customization features, is easily portable, and has solid key switches.

At a $109.99 price point, it’s super affordable, especially when you consider that some of the higher-priced keyboards don’t have some of these features.

HyperX Alloy Origins Specs:

Switch Type HyperX Red
Keyboard Type Mechanical keyboard
Backlight RGB (16,777,216 colors)
Light Effects Per key RGB lighting and 5 brightness levels
On-board Memory 3 profiles
Connection Type USB Type-C to USB Type-A
Anti-Ghosting 100%
Key Rollover N-Key
LED Indicator Yes
Media Control Yes
Game Mode Yes
Cable Type Detachable, braided
Cable Length 1.8m
Dimensions Width: 442.5mm
Depth: 132.5mm
Height: 36.39mm
Weight (Keyboard+Cable) 1,075g


[Note: A HyperX Alloy Origins review unit was provided by HyperX for the purpose of this review.]

Our Rating
The HyperX Alloy Origins is a solid keyboard, bolstered by great customization options.


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Published Dec. 3rd 2019

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