And the Nominees for the Dragon Slayer Award for Notable Machinima or Video Series Are...

Check out the nominees for Notable Machinima or Video Series for the 2013 Dragon Slayer Awards.

The nominees have been collected and Guild Launch has begun the voting for the Dragon Slayer 2013 Awards. This is the second year that Guild Launch has held these awards and there are lots of fan favorites to be voted on. The nominees and winners are chosen by the gaming community. Voting for the awards will be open until September 2nd.

Notable Machinima or Video Series

Videos have taken on a new life of their own in the past decade. Gamers have taken avid interest in this field and created lines of video series based on their favorite game of choice. This year there are ten nominees in this category.

And those nominees are...

Battlefield Friends

Battlefield Friends is an animated shorts series by Hank and Jed. The game is inspired by the Battlefield series.

Red vs Blue

Red vs Blue is the heavyweight going into the awards. Red vs Blue has been a staple of Machinima with no end to this Halo inspired series.

The Guild

The Guild is a geeky comedy about six dedicated MMO guild members and their adventures together. They find expansion packs, con swag, and most importantly, friendship. The series had its final run in January 2013.


Wowcrendor is a YouTube channel by a gamer named Crendor that does several video topics. Most of the video series are inspired by the MMO, World of Warcraft.

Fails of the Weak

Do you like watching people being bad at video games? Watch Fails of the Weak and get your laughs at other people's expense.

Slightly Impressive

Wow at Slightly Impressive's World of Warcraft series that the new, the noobish, and the down-right eccentric or veteran player can enjoy.

The Weekly Marmot

The Weekly Marmot is a World of Warcraft inspired series is all about various aspects of WoW and breaking it down including patch notes and game mechanics.

Mass Defect

Cut scenes with a twist, Mass Defect takes clips from Mass Effect 3 and overlays them with sound and other effects to create a funny tone. The videos turn the otherwise serious scenes of the game and turns them into a lighthearted parody.

Table Top

Table Top offers a cool spin on tabletop gaming with humor to break the monotony of the rolling die.

Two Best Friends Play

Goofing off while playing video games with buddies has always been around. This series is a true testament of that.

Cast Your Vote

These are a great bunch of series that deserve your vote. Be sure to go to Guild Launch's Dragon Slayer Awards page to have your say.

Published Feb. 8th 2018

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