Minecon 2015 breaks Guinness World Record

10,000 people from 73 countries attended Minecon 2015, the largest convention for a single video game.

This past weekend, while celebrating all things Minecraft, attendees at Minecon 2015 in London were given one more awesome thing to celebrate: being a part of the largest convention for a single video game ever.

Despite tickets to enter EXCEL London costing £129 ($201), 10,000 people from 73 countries attended the annual event to show their love and support for their favourite sandbox block-building game, breaking a Guinness World Record over the fun-filled weekend.

Stephen Daultrey, the deputy editor of the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition, applauded the evolution of Minecon since its inception back in 2010:

For a multi-genre games convention to attract 10,000 fans is a big enough feat in itself, but for a convention dedicated to a single video-game to get that number is nothing short of astonishing. This record is testament to the incredible fandom around Minecraft and the game's ability to unlock the imaginations of millions of gamers around the world.

After the award was presented to Mojang brand director, Lydia Winters, the record-breaking audience of Minecon were declared "officially amazing".

In the eyes of those in attendance, what was "officially amazing" were arguably the announcements of all-new features to the core game, a new edition of Minecraft for Windows 10, and the debut trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode.


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Published Oct. 27th 2017

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