First-person cat simulator Catlateral Damage launches today on PS4

Because the internet is for cats, now your PS4 can be for them too! There is now a first person cat destruction simulator for your furry needs

Catlateral Damage started as a prototype created in 2013 during the 7DFPS GameJam by Chris Chung. He based the game off of his childhood house cat "Nippy," who always used to get into mischief when ever it wanted something. Eventually the game made its way to Steam Greenlight in 2014, and to Kickstarter later that year as well.

As previously mentioned on, This game is all about mayhem and destruction. Players can enjoy being the furry little jerk they have always wanted to be, knocking over as many items as possible to achieve each level's goal. With over 20 playable cats to choose from and levels updated regularly, players can be "purrrfectly" content for hours.

Already out for Steam and the Ouya systems, Catlateral Damage makes its way to the PlayStation 4 starting today March 22nd 2016. You can purchase it for $9.99 at the PlayStation store or if you are a PlayStation Plus member, the games is yours for $7.99 for the first week.


Cresta Starr is a 28 year old from NYC. An avid video game lover and crazy cat lady in training.

Published Mar. 22nd 2016
  • | Narz |
    Excellent. I will destroy the homes of my virtual owners. BUAHAHAHA
  • Angelina Bonilla
    Featured Correspondent
    Excellent, I hope the game will get some more exposure now that it'll be cross platform. It's popular, but most people forget about it after hearing about it.

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