Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Other Wii Games are Hitting the eShop

Several classic Wii games are coming to the Wii U eShop.

It was announced during the most recent Nintendo Direct that classic Wii titles will get added to the Nintendo eShop in the near future, starting with Super Mario Galaxy 2. Punch-Out and the Metroid Prime Trilogy will be added to the eShop as well. Nintendo is making these games downloadable and so the Wii U will not have to go into Wii mode in order to play them. You'll be able to play them right off the Wii U menu.

On the plus side, games for the Wii that could be played with the classic controller will be compatible with the Game Pad. It makes me feel old when Mr. Iwata says in the presentation that some Wii U owners might not have played the Wii games that Nintendo is putting on the eShop.

Punch-Out will be available for download on January 22nd and the Metroid Prime Trilogy is coming on January 29th. The games will be half price for one week after their eShop release, so if you want to grab these great games on sale, you better act quickly. It will be interesting to see what Wii games get the Wii U eShop treatment!


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Published Jan. 18th 2015

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