Monster Hunter World: Where to Get Dragoncore Ore

How to get Dragoncore Ore and keep your equipment upgrade train on track. Choo choo!

There are a ton of monster parts and materials you have to farm for in Monster Hunter World, but some are vastly more elusive than others. And I'm not talking about drop rate-wise.

One such item is Dragoncore Ore, a rare material only found under the right circumstances. If you're here, chances are you want to know how to get your hands on some for yourself. Let's get into it so you can go ahead and start hunting these babies down.

How to get Dragoncore Ore

There is only one way to get your hands on Dragoncore Ore, and that is via completing tempered monster investigations. And not just any of these investigations will do, either: you've got to aim for threat level two or three.

I go into detail on the tempered monster investigation system in the linked guide, but here is a simple streamlined list of requirements:

  • Be at least HR 30
  • Seek tempered monster tracks when out on expeditions, your Scout Flies will mark them blue
  • Collect enough tracks to obtain a tempered monster investigation
  • Initiate the investigation
  • Kick some tail

Well, there's actually a little more. The HR 30 requirement unlocks threat level two tempered monsters, and threat level one tempered monsters only require HR 13. Threat level three requires HR 50+.

I recommend reading the linked guide for more details on this process, including how to speed up the track collecting process and which monsters you may have to fight during these investigations.

Your reward for your hard work, should you choose to go through the whole investigation and do end up defeating the target monster, will hopefully be a Dragoncore Ore. You don't see a lot of people talk about Dragoncore, but it's used to craft a ton of accessories that make it worth jumping through hoops to get.

Hopefully this info helps you out. If you found this guide useful and want some extra guidance, check out our other player-written Monster Hunter World guides for a whole slew of info.

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Published Mar. 26th 2018

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