Is a New Animal Crossing Game on the Horizon?

Nintendo has filed a new trademark for Animal Crossing in Japan. Does Tom Nook know about this?

Will a new Animal Crossing title appear in the near future? According to the Tumblr website Japanese Nintendo, a new game might be coming soon. Nintendo has submitted a new trademark application for Animal Crossing in Japan.

It includes Class 9 classification, which covers video games programs, electronic games, downloadable electronic game programs, and ROM cartridge storage for video game software (among other items).

animal crossing trademark filed in Japan

Japanese Nintendo states that the trademark can be used in many different products:

"... software for a home video game machine, portable electronic game machine, and smartphone devices, as well as stuffed animals, game machine controllers, board games, playing cards, protective carrying cases, trading card games, and much more!"

The last Animal Crossing game Nintendo released was Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for mobile devices. Prior to that, it was Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS.

Most publishers do this to refresh their trademarks so that other companies do not get the rights to that name. While this trademark application does not necessarily mean a new game is incoming, it shows that Nintendo is updating their properties for the future. That is promising for Nintendo and all their brands.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information as it develops.

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Published Jan. 25th 2018

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