Tickets for PAX Australia Are Going on Sale Today

PAX AUS is happening this October, and you can get your tickets today!

Now that we've wrapped up another exciting year at PAX East, there's yet another Penny Arcade event just around the corner -- PAX Australia (AUS). And tickets are going on sale today.  

This down-under iteration of PAX is going into its 5th year in the convention circuit, and is the largest video game festival in Australia. It will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center on October 27-29, 2017

For those three days, developers and fans from all over the world will come together to celebrate all things gaming. From game and tech demos to merch booths, tournaments, panels, meet-and-greets, and more, it'll be a full weekend of all the awesome content this industry has to offer. 

Jerry Holkins, the co-founder of PAX and Penny Arcade, said in an official statement that PAX AUS has always been a great time for both attendees and staff: 

"Melbourne has made every PAX Australia feel like our true home away from home; seeing the passion resonate from attendees as they check out upcoming games and connect over personal favorites throughout the convention centre is exhilarating."

Tickets are going on sale at noon AEDT today -- that's 9:00 PM ET and 6:00 PM PT. Prices are as follows: 

  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday Only: $65 AUD ($50 USD)
  • Three Day Pass: $165 AUD ($125 USD)
  • International Three Day Pass: $165 AUD ($125 USD)
  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) Pass: Additional $45 AUD ($34 USD)

Buying Early Bird tickets will save you $5 AUD ($3 USD) on the full ticket price. 

You can pick up your tickets and book travel accommodations directly through the official PAX Australia website. Registration for press and content creators will open later in July. 

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Published Mar. 13th 2017

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