Starbound - Next Update Makes Character Wipes a Thing of the Past

Starbound's next update will make character and ship data backwards compatible, meaning no more wipes!

Character wipes in the first phase of the Starbound beta were announced well before the beta even launched, but even so, it has been difficult for players not to get attached to their little space adventurers. Saying goodbye to the 'perfect' character you've spent dozens of hours with is not easy.

Those of you who have felt burned by the game's previous wipes or who were putting off playing to avoid losing your thought-out characters have less to worry about come the next patch: Tiy has announced the next update will make character and ship data backwards compatible, and as such there will be no more wipes after the patch.

I have lamented the loss of my best Avian character-amigos 'Jimmy Dean Trouser Snakes on Sale' and 'Jimmy Dean Dong Factory 444', but the promise of a new character to take their place without being wiped almost chases the pain away. A new Jimmy Dean will take their place permanently, and a new (hopefully more logically named) character with a long and productive future will hopefully quell the losses others have felt as well.

Starbound has gone through a bit of a lull with patches, with the last one having been deployed on December 23rd, 2013. The new update should be coming soon. If you missed Tiy's compiled list of future features, be sure to check it out on the official site. It's time to ponder over what other surprises lie in the next patch of the Starbound beta!

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Published Jan. 9th 2014
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    This is fantastic news!

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