Injustice (Mobile) - Kneel Before... Scorpion?

GET OVER HERE! And get Scorpion for NetherRealm's Injustice!

Happy New Year from NetherRealm Studios! HAVE A SPEAR TO THE CHEST!

After causing quite a stir and some controversy on the console versions of Injustice: Gods Among Us as part of their DLC, Mortal Kombat's demonic ninja Scorpion arrives on the mobile version.

At the time he was added to the PS3 and X-Box 360 versions of Injustice, many players felt Scorpion was overpowering the game balance. So much so that many tournaments barred his use to keep the playing fields level. However, the mobile game is single-player and does not have the same mechanics. It will be interesting to see if the MK vet builds a new following.

Now,  You're Toast!

Hanzo Hasashi was a member of the Shirai Ryu ninja clan, killed by Sub-Zero and his clan of assassins.

But, Hell wouldn't hold him. He returned, granted with supernatural powers in order to carry out his revenge.

Code named Scorpion, Hanzo became one of the single most popular characters in the Mortal Kombat universe. This was mostly due to his "Come Here!" catchphrase when he hooked an opponent with his kumai spear.

Now, iOS players of Injustice have a chance to add this deadly ninja to their roster. You just have to complete the 63-battle, 5-level Challenge Mode. 

For each challenge level you complete, you get a part of Hanzo's gear (Boots, Gauntlet, Sword, Mask, and Scorpion's Kumai). 

Once you have won all five challenges, a Gold Level Scorpion is added to your collection. 

Flawless Victory!

If you've not seen or played a Challenge Mode before, they are a separate series of 5 challenges, totaling 63 battles in all.

Challenge Mode fights must be paid for in Challenge Credits. Initially you will receive 25 free Challenge Credits and you can earn more Credits playing Story Battles. But, if you get stuck, NetherRealm is happy to sell you more in Injustice's DLC Shop.

As you progress, you also get consolation prizes -

  • Complete 2 Challenges - Free Bronze Booster Pack (worth 8,000 credits)
  • Complete 3 Challenges - +15,000 Power Credits
  • Complete 4 Challenges - Free Silver Booster Pack (worth 35,000 credits)

If you complete the Standard challenge pretty easily, then try retaking the challenge in harder modes, from Expert to the insane Nightmare. But, be ready. The enemies step it up and it costs even more Challenge credits per level to play.

General Zod Comes to Rule Android

Having blasted his way onto iOS with his Kryptonian rifle back in the summer, Superman's nemesis and Krypton's own maniacal dictator turns his attention to a new world to conquer.

As with the Scorpion Challenge, you must complete 5 Series of 3-vs-3 battles to win your own Gold Level Zod. That's a total of 63 rounds, ranging from easy Bronze Levels to more and more challenging fights.

Each series of fights has a prize (Zod's Belt, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, Rifle and Goggles) and prizes for completing an entire Challenge Series.

(Thank you... thank you... you're too kind)


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Published Dec. 31st 2013
  • jordan_4733
    will the challenge of scorpion be able on android too or only in ios
  • josh_3517
    Will scorpion be coming to android?
  • Josiah Da boss
    vitbotega you can get more cards of him but you have to buy them in the store for a lot of money
  • vitbotega
    I completed the challenge in ANDROID and got Zod.
    But why can't I complete it again, and get more Zod cards??
    In IOs I know that you can complete it more than once...
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    That's awesome. I'll have to download the game on my new iPad and try to unlock Scorpion.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - If you are just starting out, it may take a little effort to get through a Challenge Mode for the first time. Save up your earnings for a Gold Pack, which is on sale for 75,000c. It's the cheapest way to get a Gold Level character.

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