League of Legends World Championship concurrent viewers surpasses a million

League of Legends rakes in over 9000 (WAY MORE) viewers on twitch alone! (Sorry, I had to make that joke)

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBAs out there - if not the most popular (sorry, Dota 2). 

Twitch alone had over a million viewers tuned in on Day 1 of the championship. But other platforms, like Youtube, Douyu, and Longzhu, also brought in in over 8 million viewers. 

It's impressive considering that the game began with a crowd like this:

And now it looks something like this:

And it's probably just going to keep growing. The game itself has come a long way. There is an increasing number of countries participating as well. This season, for example, we have teams from China, Korea, North America, Europe, Brazil, Thailand and Taiwan. 

League of Legends is singlehandedly making eSports more popular each year and bringing it to the mainstream. Hanging up my current university struggles and devoting 100% of my time to improving at this game and going pro is becoming increasingly tantalizing. 

On second thought, I probably shouldn't. 2 years of this damn game and I'm still sitting in the lower confines of Diamond.  


Probably one of the last remaining human beings on this planet playing Titanfall.

Published Oct. 4th 2015

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