A Peek In To the Realm Ahead: The New Endgame in FFXIV Patch 2.2

As the community of FFXIV prepares to brave the storm of the Maelstrom, let's take a quick review of just what is to come in terms of PvE Endgame!

As a hardened veteran of Turn Five and a player who has the Extreme Mode Primal Fights committed to memory, I am counting the days until Patch 2.2. After months of gritting my teeth through every Death Sentence and Double Wicked Wheel, it starts to become old hat, routine even.

But with two new hard mode Dungeons, a completely new dungeon touted as the most challenging experience for Light Parties in the game, King Moogle Extreme Mode, a new Primal Battle entirely with Leviathan, and three new turns of the "Binding Coil of Bahamut," it seems Square has the end game player well taken care of when Patch 2.2 hits!

Three New Dungeons!

The hard modes of existing dungeons "Halitali" and "Brayflox's Longstop" hopefully follow in the footsteps of the last two hard modes that weren't simply just rehashes of their original dungeon. With inclusions of alternate routes and even some story continuity between the normal and hard versions of the dungeons, the hard mode dungeons in FFXIV aren't simply number adjustments to an existing instance, but basically an entirely new experience!

However, the real draw for four man parties in 2.2 is "The Lost City of Amdapor," a further venture into the Amdapor civilization. With a new type of currency Tomes coming out in 2.2 above "Tomes of Mythology," hopefully running these three instances will be slightly more lucrative than the set of three that came out in patch 2.1 is. It would be a shame if The Lost City of Amdapor became another "achievement" dungeon like Pharoah Sirius, something that you would run once for the experience and notch on your figurative digital belt.

Looks pretty spooky and foggy...

Additionally, there is the long-awaited arrival of the Leviathan!

A new primal encounter, Leviathan comes to port with a Hard and Extreme mode encounter, which is sure to challenge even the most hardened of the "Warriors of Light." With currently unknown item level requirements and a battle that appears to take place on a large boat, the "Lord of the Whorl" is looking like a "Whorl of a Time!"

Is that a One-Handed White Mage weapon...?

If a refreshing cruise on the S.S. Leviathan isn't enough for you, there's a rematch against Good King Moggle Mog and his faithful Mogsguard in possibly the most adorable MMO encounter I've ever played through. Taking the cuteness to the Extreme, Good King Moggle Mog makes his triumphant return in 2.2, although the specifics of this encounter remain shrouded in mystery and the details conveniently lost in the Moogle Mail system...

The Mogsguard is sure to be more tenacious in their defense of Thornmarch this time!

Last but certainly not least, we round the corner and take a deeper dive into the Binding Coil of Bahamut with three new turns!

If you're one of the determined enough people to reach the lowest turn of the Binding Coil of Bahamut, be sure to give yourself a big hand. Defeating Twintania and her wormy minions is no easy task and you're aware of what might be the head of the problem in the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

The new turns, Turn Six through Turn Nine (sorry, there's no racing level like Turn Three this time as Yoshi-P confirmed in the last Live Letter) also have the interesting, albeit strange fact of they are not continually linked together much like Turns One through Five. Instead, you will find the entrances to the new Turns scattered across Eorzea. For those of you aware of the Binding Coil of Bahamut's plotline, that is a very interesting turn of events.

While they may not be tied together, the Coils of Bahamut are defintely bound together due to their Allagan nature...

With a suspected, but not confirmed as of yet release date of March 25th, FFXIV looks to continue to prove itself as a great MMO and a shining example of what cross-platform play across two, soon three systems, can be in this modern-day of gaming. On top of all of this new PvE endgame content, there is plenty of other Patch 2.2 additions to the world of Eorzea, from new crafting recipes to the "Glamours" vanity system.  With barely over two weeks until the rumored release date, I can only do what Producer "Yoshi-P" will always tell the FFXIV community...

"Please look forward to it."

I know I am!

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Published Mar. 8th 2014
  • Cortalia
    I think you missed that their will be more Character gear customization available in 2.2, or so my Free Company has been abuzz about.

    People have been talking about a skinning system, and possibly more friendly dye usage. Honestly I'd love to see something like Guild Wars 2 put in, Being able to replace the look of any gear with the look of any other gear of the same armor class and being able to custom dye it on a whim is awesome.

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