Sports-action game "Rocket League" soundtrack released on vinyl

Psyonix Studios and iam8bit are releasing Volumes 1 and 2 of the Rocket League soundtrack in a vinyl collection.

The soundtrack of Psyonix’s popular vehicle-soccer game Rocket League is coming to vinyl! Rocket League: The Vinyl Collection will contain Volumes 1 and 2 of the game's official soundtrack over three albums, totaling 22 songs. Psyonix Studios has teamed up with retailers iam8bit to release the collection on 180-gram vinyl. It’s available for pre-order on the iam8bit store for $55, or $75 for the limited edition. The limited edition -- of which only a thousand copies will be produced -- consists of three albums designed to look like wheel rims from the game. Pre-order customers will receive additional digital copies of the entire soundtrack. The album’s cover art is designed by artist Dan Bronsema.

The full tracklist is as follows.

Volume 1:

Rocket League Theme - Mike Ault

Angel Wings (feat. Avianna Acid) - Mike Ault

Darkness - Mike Ault & Christian De La Torre

Flying Forever (feat. Morgan Perry) - Mike Ault

I Can Be (feat. Crysta) - Mike Ault

In My Dreams (feat. Nikki Wilkins) - Mike Ault

Lacuna - Mike Ault

Love Thru The Night (feat. Morgan Perry) - Mike Ault

We Speak Chinese - Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival

Seeing What’s Next - Hollywood Principle

Whiplash - Hollywood Principle


Volume 2:

Firework - Hollywood Principle

Breathing Underwater (Ether Remix) - Hollywood Principle & Ether

Looking to the Future - Mike Ault

Escape from L.A. (Instrumental) - Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival

Seeing What’s Next (Kev Frey Remix) - Hollywood Principle & Kev Frey

When the Lights Come On (Instrumental) - Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival

Hard Buzz - Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival

Game Time (featuring Dr. Awkward) - Mike Ault

Scorched Earth - Kevin Riepl

RLCS Theme - Mike Ault

Rocket League Throwback Anthem - Adam B. Metal

The critically-praised Rocket League is a unique fusion of the sports and action genres, where players race cars while essentially playing soccer. First released for Windows and PlayStation 4, a later version came out for the Xbox One, as well. A 2016 release for the OS X and Linux is also anticipated.


Published Jun. 16th 2020

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