Cookie Clicker gets a big update

Get a taste of the new update for Cookie Clicker.

Cookie Clicker recently got a big update - one that adds a host of new features to the game's incredibly addicting allure. Now you have even more ways to make cookies and conquer the world - and bake even more cookies.

The game itself is already pretty zany and bizarre, and the new update adds even more strange elements to the experience. Here's some more info from  the wiki page:

  • 3 new buildings: banks, temples, and wizard towers; these have been added in-between existing buildings and as such, may disrupt some building-related achievements
  • the ascension system has been redone from scratch, with a new heavenly upgrade tree
  • mysterious new features such as angel-powered offline progression, challenge runs, and a cookie dragon
  • sounds have been added (can be disabled in the options)
  • heaps of rebalancing and bug fixes
  • a couple more upgrades and achievements, probably
  • fresh new options to further customize your cookie-clicking experience
  • quality-of-life improvements: better bulk-buy, better switches etc
  • added some general polish
  • tons of other little things we can't even remember right now

Looking at that list, you can imagine Cookie Clicker gets pretty insane and you'd definitely be right. You start out baking cookies to sell, and the next thing you know you're dealing with an apocalypse stemming from the effects of your prosperous cookie business.

Cookie Clicker is almost three years old at this point, but still has a pretty good following due to its very consistent updates from the French programmer Julien Thiennot aka "Orteil." In addition to Cookie Clicker, Orteil has a few other games to check for your perusal here.

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Published Feb. 10th 2016
  • Samuel Franklin
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    Nice to see a developer updating their old game

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