Microsoft Reveals "Cortana": A Virtual Assistant That Could Blow Siri Away

MS is developing a virtual assistant for PC, Xbox One, and Windows Phones.

Microsoft is in the middle of creating a virtual assistant for PC, Windows Phone, and Xbox named after the praised Cortana from the Halo series.

According to ZDnet, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claims:

"Our UI will be deeply personalized, based on the advanced, almost magical, intelligence in our cloud that learns more and more over time about people and the world. Our shell will natively support all of our essential services, and will be great at responding seamlessly to what people ask for, and even anticipating what they need before they ask for it."

Microsoft claims that Cortana has been in the works for some time, but the project has been kept under wraps until now. The AI assistant is being developed for both the PC and the Xbox One. Using it on the Xbox One, you could ask it what games your friend was playing, and it would tell you what they were doing at the moment.


UPDATE: Cortana is rumored to be released on the Winodws 8.1 Update for Windows Phones. It is also rumored to be integrated into Microsoft's major products, such as the Xbox One and Windows OS devices. The hype is being amped up more and more each day, as we patiently wait for the new assistant to arrive.

Published Sep. 14th 2013
  • Donovan Gibson
    My god, this is gonna be insane.. I'm gonna make a guess and say it'll sound like Cortana also. Haha

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