The Orion Project - DMCA'd by Activision

The Orion Project has been returned to Steam after a bumpy week.

The space adventure game The Orion Project was DMCA'd from the Steam store by Activision on the 29th of June. There was absolutely no explanation whatsoever from said company.

“I received the DCMA request after [Orion’s] removal from Steam with no warning/contact from either Valve/Steam or any developer associated with Call of Duty nor anyone from Activision.”

David Prassel - lead developer

Many players and skeptics believed that there were certain similarities between Activision's Call of Duty and Orion's gun models.

Whether this was the case The Orion Project has been under scrutiny before for much the same reason. But after a lengthy re-development they quickly fixed the copy-right issues and got back to shooting aliens. Which is exactly what they did the last few days.

They started an Indiegogo campaign to keep some income during the DMCA strike. He also - apparently - banned himself from his own Steam page and went ahead and insulted Reddit users for pointing out the gun similarities. But Trek Industries, developers of the game, are pretty well known for using negative media in their favor.

As of today the game is back up on Steam, but many people seem to think that Prassel deserved the maltreatment from Activision - if it really happened - and calling Prassel to "go legit."

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Published Jun. 30th 2016

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