Monster Hunter Rise Gets First Big Update in Ver. 2.0 Patch

Capcom's latest Monster Hunter Digital Event revealed what Monster Hunter Rise players can expect in the game's first big update.

During a Monster Hunter Digital Event on April 27, Capcom revealed the first free update coming to Monster Hunter Rise. Version 2.0 will be free and available for players to download on April 28, 2021.

The new update includes new monsters, new apex monsters, new gestures, stickers, and the introduction of hunter ranks. You can watch the full digital event here, and the trailer for the update below: 

The new update includes three new monsters for players to hunt. Chameleos, who was announced previously as coming in this update, the Elder Dragon Kushala Daora, and the Elder Dragon Teostra. The update patch will also add Apex Diablos and Apex Rathalos to the hunting list, and allow for previous Apex monsters to be hunted outside of Rampage quests. On top of all that, new quests have also been added with the update.

Capcom took the opportunity to also announce crossover content with the upcoming release of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. The first half of today's Digital Event covered the latest from the upcoming continuation of the Monster Hunter Stories series, and you can check out those details here

Monster Hunter Rise is currently available for Nintendo Switch, and in our review, we said that "Capcom have successfully implemented the smoothness of World without sacrificing the faster gameplay and vibrant visuals of the mainline games, ultimately providing an experience that both long-time hunters and newcomers to the series can get into and enjoy on their own terms." 


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Published Apr. 27th 2021

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