MtG: 11 Most Expensive Zendikar Rising Cards

Leyline Tyrant

  • Regular price: $12.73
  • Foil price: $24.62

Leyline Tyrant's Fires of Invention enchantment (currently banned in standard) may be the most broken synergy in MtG. But formats outside of standard will definitely take advantage of the opportunity to build up more damage with this card.

If Leyline Tyrant performs as intended, its price will rise significantly, and players may be looking at a $20 card right now — with an even higher ceiling in the future.

This card will mostly find its place in pioneer format — and to a certain extent in modern. Commander players will be glad to have it as well, but more as a tribal dragon filler than an actual engine.

In any case, this is the card that is worth noting in your investment booklet.

Published Sep. 16th 2020

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