Bro Force- Directed by Michael Bay

The best game for guys who just want to shoot and blow stuff up in an 8-bit world

Explosions, explosions everywhere and never-ending gun fire. 

BroForce is exactly what you would expect from the cover -- a game filled with manly warriors like Bronan the Brobarian, Indiana Brones, and Brobo Cop. Along with the incredibly manly characters the game is filled with patriotic themes, having you conquer the world and defeat the red devil (Communists) and aliens.


Broforce is multiplayer which means up to four times the amount of explosions. It is a fairly standard multiplayer set up. A player can either play online with random players or assemble a group of up to four bros for maximum destruction on a split-screen. If players want to go Bro to Bro with one another there is an arcade and versus mode for players to see who is the top Bro. 


The game has an easy to learn and use interface, which uses about four buttons and the right joystick. This makes it very user friendly and fun for any new players. The in-game mechanics are simple enough, run, shoot, stab repeat, what more do you want from a game called Broforce?


Broforce's story-line perfectly fits both the game-play and overall theme, using simple one sentence explanations for missions such as: 

...which adds "Much needed" context to the game-play.

Broforce is the perfect game for people who just wants to shoot at monsters and have a fun time playing a game. The game-play is simple and the characters will make you laugh every time. If you have any comments or have a game you want me to review post it in the comments section, and if you want to game with me my gamer-tag is the same as my username.

Our Rating
The best game for guys who just want to shoot and blow stuff up in an 8-bit world
Reviewed On: Playstation 4


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Published Apr. 24th 2016

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