Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Launch Trailer -- The End of a Franchise

With Dark Souls III's final DLC almost upon us, a meaty launch trailer has appeared -- and it looks like the franchise is going out with a bloody bang.

The Souls series has seen a plethora of content released to players throughout the years, but it all comes down to this. "The Ringed City" is the final piece of new content to be released for Dark Souls III -- and the entire series as a whole. After what has arguably been a (slightly) disappointing addition in "Ashes of Ariandel," "The Ringed City" looks to address any and all issues players have had stemming from that DLC. 

The main issue in question with the previous DLC was the lack of content. Although we received a superb boss in Father Ariandel and Sister Friede, the DLC felt too short and lacked any lasting appeal -- aside from the Undead Matches that were also added. 

The maps on offer for the multiplayer arena also felt a little thin on the ground. "The Ringed City" plans to expand greatly on this aspect of the game and give avid PvP'ers a much needed boost in areas to battle it out.

For those who don't want the expansion's story to be spoiled through the trailer, all you need to know is that everything you love about Dark Souls III will return in all its glory.

"The Ringed City" will open up to the public on March 28. Prepare yourselves for another heap of death in the meantime.

How do you feel about the Souls series seemingly coming to an end? Relieved? Distraught? Sound off your thoughts in the comments!



Published Mar. 25th 2017

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