ROX Tigers Waive Clauses For Pray, Kuro And GorillA

ROX offered Pray, Kuro and GorillA the opportunity to speak with other teams for potential roster moves. Where will they go?

ROX Tigers, a team that everyone thought would stick together, has given us hints that suggest otherwise.

Since they achieved so much during both of the 2016 LCK Splits and played what is arguably the best semi-final match of all time against SKT T1 which earned them a 3rd place finish at the 2016 World Championships, everyone was under the impression that they would not separate. 

Earlier today, released an article stating that coaches NoFe and SSONG waived clauses in the contracts of ADC Pray, Mid Laner Kuro and Support GorillA.

These clauses prevented the players from speaking to other teams until November 30th, however their contracts end on November 25th.

The ROX organization have not extended the same offers to Top Laner Smeb, Jungler Peanut or substitute Cry -- their respective contracts end on November 30th.

Despite the potential changes that may occur to the roster in the following weeks, the ROX Tigers have just won the Kespa Cup.

No official roster moves have yet been announced.

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Published Nov. 25th 2016

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