Pathway: the Upcoming Tactical RPG from Robotality

Turn-based strategy RPG Pathway by indie game developers Robotality will be released on desktop platforms in 2017.

German indie game developers Robotality have released information about an upcoming turn-based strategy game called Pathway. In their words, Pathway is “set in a 1930s pulp adventure scenario.” The game will follow a group of characters as they explore temples and seek artifacts of ancient civilizations on various levels. The premise involves uncovering these artifacts before the German Reich can get to them.

The game is unique in its utilization of pixel/voxel technology, meaning it involves both 3D and 2D elements. It will give the game the “timeless charm of classic 2D pixel art” combined with “the possibilities of voxels.” Robotality anticipates a 2017 release on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Robotality’s first and only game, Halfway, also functions as a turn-based RPG available on the same platforms. Halfway is set on a spaceship invaded by aliens in a future where humans have begun to colonize other worlds.

You can follow Robotality on Twitter for updates on Pathway and check out the game's official website here.


Published May. 31st 2016

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