The best Sonic vocal tracks to go fast to on his 25th anniversary

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I almost hate to say it but Sonic the Hedgehog is my favorite video game franchise by a very large margin. In part because of nostalgia but mostly just because I gotta go fast. And Sonic almost always goes fast -- though sometimes he goes like 3/4 fast, on a bad day.

Much to the chagrin to the portion of my coworkers who are not crazy about Sonic the Hedgehog, today is his 25th anniversary! Which means not only do they have to listen to a bunch of "gotta go fast" babble and memes behind the scenes here at GameSkinny, but they have to edit whatever Sonic-related articles make their way to the site for the anniversary. And I definitely want to make that as fun for them as can be.

Sonic's time in gaming has been filled with some serious ups and downs, none of which the community can fully agree on besides two things:

  1. 06 is and always will be an unfinished pile of blue vomit
  2. The series as a whole has some great music tracks

Though the vast majority of Sonic music is non-vocal, there have been some seriously memorable vocal tracks over the years that not only capture the spirit of fast (or fest for those of you going too fast to bother spelling properly) but have the power to pump you up for whatever comes your way.

In a lot of ways many of these tunes are timeless, not necessarily because they're all that great from a universal perspective but because of their ability to uplift you even in the worst of moods and keep you pushing through.

Ahead are a number of vocal tracks from Sonic titles spanning several generations, and let me tell you: it was tough picking them out. So tough in fact, some slides aren't one song. Nearly a dozen hand-picked tracks didn't make it to the final list, but I'm confident you'll agree what we've got here are some genuinely appropriate songs for Sonic's big 2-5.

Published Jun. 23rd 2016
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    This was much-needed to celebrate this important anniversary. GS needs more Sonic!

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