The best Sonic vocal tracks to go fast to on his 25th anniversary

This is not a song I would admit to liking normally even among friends, but it's Sonic's anniversary and I have to come clean: I really like Free. It perfectly gives that fast feeling and it is absolutely great to turn on while practicing levels in Generations.

Yet another song from the series toting the virtues of breaking out on your own and being yourself, Free's got that perfect mix of uplifting and catchy that makes it easy to get stuck in your head. So, I'm sorry in advance if you haven't heard this one or simply don't like it.

What I'm not sorry for is the Crush 40 version. It's slower, but come on. Every Sonic fan loves Crush 40. It's like a mandatory requirement to enjoy the series past your teen years.

Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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