The best Sonic vocal tracks to go fast to on his 25th anniversary

Nope, not City Escape. Yet.

Live and Learn was Sonic Adventure 2's main theme, but the full vocal version of the song isn't played in the game until the FinalHazard boss fight when Sonic and Shadow both go Super. That's not why it's awesome, though it certainly helps.

In all of its early-2000s edginess, Live and Learn is a song that can speak to you no matter how old you are and encourages you to learn from your mistakes and keep pushing forward, taking your own path. This is a theme you hear in a lot of vocal Sonic tracks but Live and Learn drives it home, and it's really hard not to rock out to it.

The above all said a good portion of my (and many others') preference for this song may be in part because Sonic Adventure 2's start menu features a partial instrumental version of this track that just plays on repeat. And also because the FinalHazard is one of the most hype boss fights ever.

Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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