The best Sonic vocal tracks to go fast to on his 25th anniversary

Sonic Boom needs no introduction! But I'll give one anyway because some people are still confused which opening was released in which region(s).

The original North American version of Sonic CD got Sonic Boom, the gem shown above. It's softer than the other songs listed, but it's just perfect.

The European and Japanese releases had an entirely different soundtrack, and instead of Sonic Boom they got You Can Do Anything.

Which definitely fits right in with the other songs here, and it's just a hype-fest. Because, you know, "you can do anything!"

Both the NA and EU/JP soundtracks are good in their own ways, and modern re-releases give you the option to choose between them--though You Can Do Anything is instrumental-only in re-releases.

And aside from the above tracks is a Crush 40 version of Sonic Boom, which is as hype as you would expect.

Sonic CD's soundtrack is the gift that keeps on giving.

Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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