Top 4 Fan-Made Games Five Nights at Freddy's Fans Should Play

Five Night's At Wario's

Developer: WwwWario

There have been plenty of re-imaginings of the Mario franchise, but none quite like Five Night's At Wario's. Who'd ever think the Nintendo game could take such a scary turn? Sure, there's the haunted house levels including Big Boo and the Little Boo's, and let's not forget Luigi's Mansion, but they're nothing compared to this game. 

The series is a trilogy, and unlike the original FNAF, you aren't stuck in the same kind of office space atmosphere. In the first game, you're in a fast food factory; the second, in Wario Ware Inc.; and in the third, you find yourself in a mansion.

FNAW3 has a never-before-seen mechanic among the FNAF spin-offs: hiding. This really amps up the anxiety factor that these types of games have. By the way, while the third game keeps the Five Night's title, it is actually a total of 12 nights you have to survive!

If you want to try your hand at this game you can get Five Night's at Wario's 1, 2 and 3 herehere and here.

Published May. 23rd 2015

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