Student Threatening Shooting Spree Reported By Jagex

A student claiming he was going to do a shooting at his school was reported by Jagex employees after he made the statement over one of their games. He is in custody awaiting trial.

With all the attention being given to violence in video games and the possible negative effects of such, it seems about time to have something happen where a game is able to serve as a preventative force, if such is possible.  Possible indeed, as Jagex has proven.

An 18-year-old man was arrested after threatening to commit a shooting spree of the college he attends.  He made this statement while on a game run by Jagex, which most likely means Runescape.  After making the dangerous statement he further embellished by giving details and specific information regarding firearms and their use.

Jagex employees apparently saw the online conversation and reported it to the police, who moved in and arrested the man before he could go on his alleged rampage.  Obviously his lawyer claims the statements were made in jest, but still he awaits his April 19 court date.

There has been no word yet on whether Jagex will be held responsible for causing the violence they prevented by creating video games, but I am expecting some sort of ridiculousness within the week.

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Published Apr. 15th 2013

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