Trials of Mana 1.1.0 Update Adds More Trials for Your Mana

Trials of Mana 1.1.0 adds new difficulties and tweaks New Game+ in honor of the original game's 25th birthday.

Trials of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 3) is 25 years old as of September 30, and Square Enix is celebrating that birthday in a big way. The Trials of Mana remake is getting an update that brings new difficulties, items, and tweaks to New Game+. Fans will be happy to know the update is free and available now.

Trials of Mana 1.1.0 adds No Future difficulty level. This mode strengthens enemies and bosses, while limiting usable items and equipment during fights. There's also a time limit on boss fights.

To make up for that, though, No Future offers stronger equipment plus new chain abilities.

Completing the game on No Future mode unlocks the Rabite Slippers, an equipment item that lets players frolic about the world map without dealing with enemies.

Those wanting a greater challenge during New Game+ can now choose Expert difficulty from the get-go and can reset their chosen characters' levels to 1. Previously, only characters outside the main party had their levels reset.

Unlocked costumes can still be chosen during New Game+ or after resetting a character's class.

If ever there was a reason to "scratch that old school itch," Trials of Mana 1.1.0 is it — especially because the game is 30% off on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PlayStation 4 through November 2. 


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Published Oct. 15th 2020

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