Remnant: From the Ashes - How to Beat All Bosses

A list of strategies for taking down all the bosses in Remnant: From the Ashes and what they drop, including a final boss guide.

You never know which boss or bosses you'll encounter in a solo or multiplayer playthrough of Remnant: From the Ashes. This game uses a long-ranging list to randomize the mobs and bosses you encounter. No matter what nightmare you square off with, though, one constant remains: it will be a tough fight full of fearsome difficulty.

If you need a little help in taking down these foes, you've come to the right place. Here is a list of all the bosses you can encounter in Remnant and a few tips for taking them alone or in co-op. 

Can you survive all the game's bosses? With this guide, you can. 

Earth Bosses

Singe, a boss in remnant from the ashes, towers over a destroyed city.

How to Beat Gorefist

A melee-only boss, you'll need good dodging and situational awareness to help in this fight. Gorefist's attacks are fairly easy to dodge, but all it takes is one misstep and you'll be starting at the beginning.

Try to keep a mental timer in your head, as exploding minions spawn at fairly random intervals. If you blow them up next to Gorefist, they'll stagger it, giving you an opportunity to get some free shots in.

How to Beat Shroud

The Shroud boss has two main attacks: launching high-speed projectiles at you and summoning explosive clouds near you. For that reason, the key to this fight is to never stop moving. Be watching for the red cloud to signal his teleportation, and never stop running around. Kill Shroud's minions and aim for its head.

How to Beat Mangler

Fast weapon changes are the key to this boss. You'll want to use your melee attacks and pistol to take out Mangler's minions, all while dodging its attacks and using your long arm for heavy damage against the boss itself.

About halfway through the fight, Mangler transforms into a bigger... Mangler. The same strategy applies: keep a lookout whenever it flies around the arena and keep plugging away whenever you have an opening.

How to Beat Brabus

Brabus looks like he'd be right at home in Mad Max, and he's a pretty tough nut to crack. Learn the timing on this boss's reloads, and make sure you can always see him  his shotgun does a ton of damage if you don't time you dodge correctly.

Try to take out his minions and exploit his constant cover-seeking. You can sometimes get Brabus to crouch behind a trash can while you empty clip after clip into him.

You can avoid the fight altogether if you've found Mud Tooth's pocket watch. Brabus will trade you the Bandit's Armor set if you give him the pocket watch (although you may not want to, as the pocket watch is very strong).

How to Beat Singe

Keep mid-distance from Singe and bring an ammo box or two into the fight. Dodge sideways to avoid fireballs, and dodge backward to get out of range of their melee and the wide, sweeping flame attack. Don't dodge blindly, as the oil slicks around the arena go up in flames and will set you on fire.

Take out Singe's minions when they appear, always keeping the beast in your sight so you can dodge its fireballs. Hit Singe's chest when it rears up — it deals a ton of damage.

You will receive a bonus item if you target Singe's tail and destroy it before you kill the boss himself.

How to Beat The Ent

This massive tree beast boss is extremely slow but powerful. Dodge its shockwave attacks and keep your distance. Try to angle yourself so that you can hit its back when it throws shockwaves at you. If it fires projectiles in the air, run straight sideways to avoid the attack. Deal with its minions and keep an eye on the Ent at all times  one hit at the wrong time can be enough to do you in.

You can also target the Ent's leg until it is destroyed, crippling the boss. It will still shoot missiles at you, but its back will be exposed and you should be able to get plenty of strong shots in a hurry. You'll unlock a bonus item if you take the Ent's legs out.

Rhom Bosses

The Undying King

How to Beat Raze

Try to use the cover in the arena as best as you can while you fight this boss. Raze shoots a lot of fireballs that cause the burning status effect. Sometimes, Raze will focus on one player and attempt to chase them down. Keep moving and try to use the pillars to block his attacks.

Take out Raze's minions when it disappears, and target the spots on its body that glow yellow. Raze isn't that hearty, so be patient and pick your spots.

How to Beat Scourge

The key to the battle with Scourge is trying to avoid shooting the boss in the head. Every time you target Scourge's head, it fires a hive out at you. Aim for the body, and try to use heavier damage weapons instead of heavier rate of fire weapons in case you cant retrain yourself from headshotting your foes.

Otherwise, learn Scourge's animations (its attacks have a long setup) and be prepared to run if it starts launching several hives in a row.

How to Beat Maul

There are two ways to take out this boss.

  1. For the first, you'll want a gun with a high rate of fire. There are a lot of weak minions, so being able to quickly switch between targets is essential. Dodge the pack leader's charge attacks and take shots at it when it howls. Kill the minions and keep out of corners. You can get stun-locked if you aren't careful.

  2. Alternatively, you can use a high damage weapon like a shotgun to headshot the Houndmaster a few times. This will break his control over the beasts, who will turn against him and kill him. You'll receive a different item reward for defeating Maul this way.

How to Beat Shade and Shatter

A boss double feature! Shade will hit you from afar with projectile attacks, while Shatter will chase you around and attack with powerful melee strikes. You'll want to concentrate on taking one foe down at a time.

Shade is usually the better option, as Shatter's attacks are generally easier to watch for and avoid. When the two create a force field and summon minions, keep moving and take the minions out, then concentrate your weapons on destroying the shield. If you have a weapon with a decent spread, you can hit both bosses at once when the shield goes down.

How to Beat Ancient Construct

The Ancient Construct is only found if you completed the Maul boss by attacking the Houndmaster and obtaining the control rod. If you have the item in your inventory, head to Wud's workshop and use it there to activate the boss.

You'll want items that can stop radiation damage in this fight. Identifying the Ancient Construct's attacks is key:

  • Dodge the radiation ball and charging attacks sideways
  • Dodge the attack from below backward
  • Try to take out the minions he summons as quickly as possible

Ancient Construct's minions are the real terror in this fight. If you don't take them out quickly, they will drain your health in a hurry.

How to Beat The Harrow

This boss is not quite as difficult as it seems if you remember a few key pieces of information.

  1. Do not leave the main room. It seems counter-intuitive, but there are a ton of minions that swarm this fight, and the narrow hallways can get you surrounded and killed.

  2. Dodge toward The Harrow. Its attacks are fairly easy to spot, and its animation takes a long time to go through. Dodge toward and past it, then shoot it in the back. Use a weapon with a high rate of fire when the minions start spawning and get damage in when you can.

You can shoot The Harrow in the legs a few times to knock it down, then run behind it and grab an uncraftable melee weapon called the Lost Harpoon.

How to Beat Claviger

Another boss that isn't too difficult once you get a sense of the strategy. Claviger's projectile attacks are fairly slow, meaning you can essentially just sidestep while firing on the two shield generators off to its sides. Try to keep Claviger's minions between you and it. It will kill several of them with its projectile attacks.

In Claviger's second stage, try to use any cover still in the arena when it unleashes its beam attack. Keep a middle distance, take out its shield generators whenever they return, and use high-damage weapons.

How to Beat The Undying King

You don't have to fight the Undying King; speak with him and give him the Guardian's Heart to avoid the fight. Just know that you then will not be able to give the Guardian's Heart to a different NPC who has some strong goodies for you.

When the fight begins, if you so choose, prioritize the boss's four guards. Keep your distance, as you've encountered these foes before and they are deadly at close range. After the guards are dead, focus on the King.

When the King attacks with his sickles, try to roll toward and past him. Take out his allies and keep shooting him whenever you can. When his health hits zero, he'll regenerate a bit and summon one last group of allies. Make sure you've healed up as best you can and are prepared for the final onslaught. This is one of the tougher fights in the game.

Yaesha Bosses


How to Beat The Warden

The Warden can do damage from almost any distance, so keep your eyes on it at all times. Dodge its spear throws, and either try to kill it quickly before its minions add up, or take out the minions as they appear and play it a little more patiently.

Status effect mods, like radiation, work wonders on this boss. You can also target the bells that summon minions after it throws them. If you're quick, destroying the bell will hurt the Warden's defense and you can deal massive damage against it.

How to Beat Stormcaller

This boss has a ton of ranged attacks, but it is still probably easier to fight if you keep your distance. The lightning orbs it throws at you are fairly slow and can be sidestepped while you continue your barrage if you have a decent distance between the two of you. Stop aiming down the sights when Stormcaller summons lightning above your head: you'll need to move fast to keep from being stunned and possibly overrun by minions.

Stormcaller fights in a massive arena, so keeping on the move can kite minions while you concentrate on the big bad.

How to Beat Scald and Sear

Another double trouble boss! Scald is the flyer, and you'll probably want to defeat it first. Move to the upper level and move sideways whenever Scald summons fire below you. Keep moving and take out minions as they approach. Especially with two bosses to deal with, it's easy to get cornered and overwhelmed.

Once Scald is down, head to the lower area to battle Sear. Try to get to a close-mid range and dodge sideways repeatedly whenever Sear starts launching fire attacks. Dodge enough and you'll have several openings to pump damage into it.

How to Beat Onslaught

Onslaught's teleportation can make it difficult to keep track of. Try to keep a relatively close distance, as it doesn't teleport as much if you do.

You'll want to dodge backward from most of Onslaught's attacks unless he takes to the air. When he does, move sideways to dodge the leaping strike. Onslaught's normal attacks are fairly slow, so try to goad it into swinging at you. Kill Onslaught's flying minions and keep on the move.

How to Beat Totem Father

This boss is actually not too bad if you know when to attack and when to play defense.

In his first phase, he will launch boulders or other projectiles from his columns. When he is up top, that is the best time to damage him. Aim for the head for critical hits. When Totem Father jumps down, he will summon a totem. Destroy the totem as quickly as possible to stop its barrage. If he comes at you, dodge forward and past him to avoid the explosive damage when he lands.

In his second phase, the Totem Father will focus more on attacking you directly. Try to dodge backward when he starts up his combo attacks. They should leave some cooldown openings for you to score some headshots. You can also change the drop you receive by shooting the totem outside the boss arena.

How to Beat The Ravager

This giant wolf can be a nasty boss, as you will need to be extremely patient. It hits hard and fast, and it has a wide variety of attacks. Most can be dodged sideways, but keeping your stamina up and knowing when to pick your spots is difficult.

Take out any ranged attackers that appear on the Ravager, and use your heaviest damage weapons to focus fire when you find openings.

If you want to skip this fight, you can also ring the bells in a certain order to play the lullaby. There are five bells in the Ravager's arena. Before the fight begins, you can shoot them in a certain order. Let's assign each bell a value:

  • Close to where you enter, on your right: 1
  • Close to where you enter, on your left: 2
  • Middle: 3
  • Far from where you enter, on your left: 4
  • Far from where you enter, on your right: 5

The order you need to shoot them is 5 1 5 1 2 3 4 1

Crosus Bosses

The Unclean One

How to Beat The Thrall

Try to keep as close to this boss as you can. The Thrall's power lies in its ranged attacks. Watch for the glowing areas around the arena, as those indicate either where the radiation cloud it is summoning will appear or where it is teleporting next.

When it drops multiple projectiles from the sky, keep running in a straight line to keep ahead of them. Bring items to help with radiation, and pick a high damage weapon.

How to Beat Canker

Try not to take your time here. Canker's arena fills with water, making its attacks deadlier and harder to dodge as the fight goes on.

At first, hide on the sides of the room when Canker summons waves. Eventually, you'll need to keep some distance and dodge sideways to avoid them.

Be deliberate about where you move as you dodge Canker's bombs, and try to avoid spots it has run through. Bombs disappear after a short amount of time, so if you don't panic, you can keep the arena open and play defense.

How to Beat Ixillis

This boss can be avoided if you kill the Undying King instead. Honestly, it's a toss-up to which one is tougher.

Learn the attacks this boss throws at you in phase one, as a second one will join the fight after you deal enough damage. When the two Ixillises (Ixilli?) use their tandem scream attack, try to blow up the orbs in front of them before the attack fires. These shots do critical damage and can stop the attack if you blow up the orbs.

If you don't kill them at the same time, the living one will enrage and become faster and more powerful. It still uses the same attacks, however.

Make sure to bring ammo boxes into this fight. With no minions to kill for ammo drops, running out of bullets means almost certain death.

How to Beat The Unclean One

Do not get close to this boss! The Unclean One can kill you very quickly if you try to tangle up close. Maintain a medium distance, take out minions as the approach, and aim for the head.

If it leaps at you with its weapon, dodge forward to get behind the boss and take some free shots. Otherwise, take headshots where you can and keep that distance. Keep your eyes on the arena to take out minions.

Final Boss Guide — The Dreamer and Nightmare


For the fight against the Dreamer, aim for the head and try to end the fight as quickly as possible.

Minions spawn faster and faster as the fight goes on, so it can be easy to get overwhelmed if you aren't fast. Try to keep minions between you and the Dreamer, as the boss's powerful attacks will take care of many of them.

For Nightmare, save your ammo when you first enter the fight. Dodge Nightmare's attacks and wait until you are transported. When you are in the other realm, every kill you rack up will amplify your damage against Nightmare. Stay close to the portal so you can escape. You take constant damage in this other realm.

When you come back through the portal, fire at Nightmare until the Dreamer is exposed. Focus attacks on the Dreamer to deal critical damage. You may be transported back and forth multiple times during this fight and, in multiplayer, only one player will be transported.

It's a tough battle. Max out your best weapons and plan your mods carefully!


There you have it all the bosses in Remnant: From the Ashes. Hopefully, by using this guide, you've been able to take out most, if not all, of the game's bosses, and picked up the "Ready for Action," "Like a Boss," and Untouchable trophies/achievements along the way. 

Check out our full review of the game, and our other guides if you're looking for more tips and tricks.


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