Act a Fool with ESO's Jester's Festival and Double XP

The Jester's Festival is live ,and ESO is rewarding players with Double XP and Pie. Show off your goofy side and level up at the same time.

Looking to bring some humor and joviality to Tamriel, The Jester's Festival has made its presence known in ESO. Starting March 23, the festival celebrates fools and jesters until April 4. Pavilions featuring comical jesters dressed as  King Jorunn, Queen Ayrenn, or King Emeric have popped up on the outskirts of Ebonheart, VulkhelGuard, and Daggerfall.

With an introduction quest featuring pie as a reward, you may wonder what is in it for you? This pie is not just a normal, scrumptus pie. When your character eats it, they gain a buff of +100% XP gained for two hours throughout the time the festival is going.

When the festival ends you keep the pie, but that is not the only item included in the festivities.Once the intro quest is complete, each jester ruler will give a daily quest with rewards such as The Crown of Misrule, new consumables, housing items, and a Cherry Blossom Branch.

New items have also made their way into the Crown store. No Jester's Festival is complete without a Royal Court Jester costume (700 crowns) or the Jester Personality (1,000 crowns). 

Will you be joining in on the absurdity that has over taken Tamriel? Let us know of your foolish adventures and the new achievements you unlock! Who among you will be the ones to become a Royal Jester?


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Published Mar. 25th 2017

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