Double Kick Heroes: Dethklok, Walking Dead & Guitar Hero in a Blender

Drive your Gundillac and slaughter zombies with your amazing Gatling Shotguns.

Let’s butcher fuck loads of zombies with METAL in your face!

That's how I was introduced to Double Kick Heroes this morning. It seemed like an intriguing proposition...

I like metal and I hate zombies and Double Kick Heroes promises both. Double Kick Heroes is: 

Packed with crumps of good Metal and chunks of zombie’s guts. You play a badass Metal band wandering through the wasteland with Gatling Shotguns plugged in their double kick drum. All you need is to beat the keyboard as hard as you can and enjoy your homemade havoc.

Double Kick Heroes is still pre-release, but the game is fun to play and a rather interesting genre mashup. There is a playable prototype where you can start your rhythm based zombie smashing and get a feel for the game.

It is hard to say where this one will go, but it got my Steam Greenlight vote for the unabashed absurdity of the concept (and the awesome soundtrack by elmobo). Check out Double Kick Heroes on Steam Greenlight.


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Published Mar. 24th 2016
  • kate.farrow
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    Instant hit at GameSkinny HQ :) ...We're all metalheads.

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