Bugbear Inc. Crowdfunding 'Next Car Game', Utilizes Interesting Soft Body Car Damage

Next Car Game utilizes 'Soft Physics' to create an immerse and exciting spiritual successor to FlatOut and Destruction Derby.

Bugbear Inc. have returned to the scene with Next Car Game, the spiritual successor to FlatOut.

Next Car Game is a demolition racing game featuring "spectacular crashes, realistic driving physics and intense car building." Bugbear have decided to launch a KickStarter campaign to avoid having a publisher looming over the development process. They note that, whether or not the campaign is successful, Next Car Game will still be released. 

The game will encompass a variety of gameplay features including 'traditional' track racing, as well as intense demolition derbies. Taking elements from both FlatOut and Destruction Derby, Bugbear clearly hopes to offer fans an all-in-one gaming experience. 

One of the most notable features Bugbear has to offer with Next Car Game is their soft body car damage, meaning the cars will react to collisions in a tangible way. They also point out that this is not just a visual gimmick; cars will react to damage in a very realistic way.

They announced this on their KickStarter campaign page: 

"We’ve paid a lot of attention on how real cars behave in collisions, and trust us, when the going gets tough, the metal will bend, twist and break like never before – imagine all this with a total of twelve cars fighting it out on the same derby track, with full soft body damage! And thanks to some clever optimization, all this is possible without a super computer.

To top everything off, the damage is not simply a visual gimmick: as a result the driving dynamics will change in a realistic fashion. What’s also neat is that damage is completely location-based – for example a high-speed collision at the front might cause one of the front wheels being dislocated, resulting in pretty hairy maneuverability. Imagine the sort of tactical element all this adds especially to the demolition derbies!"

Bugbear is developing the game for the PC but depending on our support they are prepared to develop it for either, or both, next-gen consoles. They are also ready to consider current-gen consoles and Mac. 

Incentives to support the campaign with your hard-earned cash include: early access, digital sound tracks, name in the game, team member credits and more. Bugbear are looking for $350,000 to finish their game and add more features. However, if they don't meet their $350k goal, Next Car Game will still be released on the PC. You can also pre-order the game on their website (if you pre-order, you will receive the sneak peek demo as well as any reward that may have been added to the corresponding reward tier).

Bugbear boasts dynamic damage, unique racing experiences, awesome cars and more. Check out their KickStarter to show your support. 

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Published Nov. 7th 2013

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