7 Moments We Need to See in the First Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode

First Nibelheim Flashback

In Final Fantasy 7’s early moments, as we’re still getting used to Cloud and Tifa makes her debut, we see a flashback to an earlier time. It’s not as significant to the plot as later flashbacks from Cloud’s past, but this first Nibelheim flashback does some important things.

It establishes the groundwork for Tifa and Cloud’s relationship (go ahead, choose Aerith now, heartbreaker) and gives some insight into how the world of Final Fantasy 7 works, with Midgar’s simultaneous pull and repulsion. 

There’s plenty of material to expand on here to drive home how Cloud used to be before, y’know, that thing happened and what Tifa is like outside her relationship to Cloud. That would be pretty important as well, since pre-Shinra Nibelheim is about the only characterization point Square Enix gave Tifa outside Cloud. More of that can only be a good thing.

Though there’s no telling what might change or stay the same with this flashback, It’s pretty unlikely it won’t make it into Remake, especially since we’ve already seen Tifa sitting on the water tower.

Published Dec. 18th 2019

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