The Illuminati VP Steps in the Ring -- Urien SFV Trailer Released

Capcom releases a new Street Fighter V character trailer for Urien.

Recently, Capcom has released a new Street Fighter V gameplay trailer for Urien. Urien is one of the post launch characters who will be available soon. His entry continues Capcom's plan to increase the roster to 22 characters from the initial 16 that were playable at launch.

Urien was originally released in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact in 1997. Unique to him is his aegis reflector special -- this allows Urien to deflect any projectiles aimed at him. These energy walls allows him offensive opportunities, where he's able to slam opponents into them and creating combos afterwards. After the release of Street Fighter III: Third Strike, he was seen as a regular among tournaments for his aggressive playstyle.

Regarding his Street Fighter lore, Urien is vice president of the Illuminati. He seeks to take his brother Gill's position as president and eliminate M. Bison's Shadoloo organization.

Fighting game fans can look forward to Urien's release date announcement at this year's Tokyo Game Show.


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Published Sep. 7th 2016

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