Final Fantasy Adventure is coming to your smartphones

With Final Fantasy Adventure getting a remake for smartphones, all you'll need to complete your nostalgic fun is a new case to make your phone look like an old school Gameboy.

The classic Gameboy title Final Fantasy Adventure - known as Seiken Densetsu in Japan - is being remade and renamed for an Android and iOS release, according to a Japanese tweet posted yesterday. 

 æœ¬æ—¥ã€ã€Žè–剣伝説-ファイナルファンタジー外伝-』の海外版公式サイトを公開!海外版は『ADVENTURES of MANA』としてiPhone、Androidにて近日配信予定です♪公式サイトはこちら: #聖剣FF外伝

— 聖剣伝説 -FF外伝-公式 (@Seiken_PR) January 8, 2016

Now called Adventures of Mana, the action-RPG has not yet been given a release date for Japan or the west, and while the Japanese website indicates a release on PS Vita, there is no mention on the English version of the site of that platform.

The above video shows a Japanese-language trailer for the remake that was released in September. Square Enix filed a European trademark for the title Adventures of Mana in November, hinting at the possibility of a western release.

How do you feel about Final Fantasy titles coming to smartphones? Did you play Final Fantasy Adventure on the Gameboy? Will you play Adventures of Mana when it's released in the west? Talk about it in the comments!



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Published Jan. 9th 2016

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