Could Mortal Kombat X on PC lose Multiplayer Support?

Mortal Kombat X's online lag fix might not happen if you own a PC

In a move that is sure to ire many of its fans, NetherRealm Studios announced today that it's two newest expansions for Mortal Kombat X will only be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Suspiciously missing from this bad news is any information on when or if the PC version will also receive the long-awaited update to its faulty netcode, which has plagued online multiplayer since the game's release. 

It has almost been a year since the rocky launch of NetherRealm's PC port version of MKX, and the game is mostly stable now - as long as you don't want to go online and battle with a friend. Every iteration of MKX has suffered from the faulty netcode that has made online play near impossible since its release. NetherRealm Studio's has promised a fix however, and the Enhanced Online Beta signups are live now, if you play on a console. Once again the PC version is oddly left out, and any attempts for clarification as to why left in silence.

It's this odd silence that is making the PC users wonder whether or not the PC version of MKX will even receive the new enhanced netcode at all. With online options becoming more of a standard throughout the industry, the incapability to do so based on a faulty product can only enrage an already marginalized fanbase that has many already asking for refunds.



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Published Jun. 16th 2020

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