American Red Cross to partner with Bethesda Softworks for a blood drive

Game developer Bethesda Softworks is hosting a blood drive in cooperation with the American Red Cross. The event will be held at Quake.con 2014.

Inspired by the video game The Evil Within, Bethesda Softworks announced it will hold a blood drive in a partnership with the American Red Cross.   

The drive will be held at Quake.con 2014, a bring your own computer and game event.  Participants who choose to donate blood will receive an official The Evil Within prize pack.  "Quake.con has a great group of attendees who we think will want to help the community by donating blood," said Peter Hines, VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesday Softworks.  Donors must be at least 17 years old and meet the requirements set forth by the American Red Cross, which can be found at the Red Cross Website.

The American Red Cross often struggles during the summer months.  They are hoping this event will booster their low supply. American Blood Cross manager Joel Hale has expressed his happiness to this unexpected event.

The blood drive is also serving as a promotional event for the game The Evil Within, due to be released by Bethesda Softworks on October 21st.

the evil within

The blood drive is scheduled for Friday, July 18th and Saturday, July 19th from 11am until 5pm.  Quake.con will be held from Thursday, July 17th through Sunday, July 20th.  Both events will be held in Dallas, Texas at the Hilton Anatole Hotel.


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Published Sep. 1st 2017
  • Chai Chien Liang
    Blood for the blood god! Oops wrong universe and wrong developer

    Looking forward to see if Evil Within lives up to the hype, RE games are getting too action focused nowadays

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