Top Five Changes Japanese Final Fantasy VII Fans Want In Remake

A poll of Japanese gamers rank the top-five changes they'd like to see in the upcoming FFVII: Remake

We are all aware that Final Fantasy VII is finally getting a remake. However, what do Japanese fans want out of the highly anticpated remake? 

According to a poll of, My Navi, readers and released by Kotaku, here are the top five responses (with percentage of votes) from Japanese gamers.

*Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven't played FFVII yet*

  • Improving upon Yuffie's scenes - 9%
  • Improving upon the games final ending - 11.2%
  • Full voice acting - 13.5%
  • Adding more mini-games to the Golden Saucer - 20.2%
  • Adding an alternative route/storyline to Aeris' death - 32.6% 

Not much of a surprise that fans would like a change to FFVII's biggest shocker, but would keeping Aeris alive truly help or hinder the remake? Surely, the addition of voice acting would be a welcomed change. However, will a change to Aeris' storyline or the possibility of alternate endings be greeted with open arms from diehard fans? Fans, like myself, will continue to speculate changes and voice their desires for changes to the original. The original FFVII could definetely use some upgrades, but should adding more games to the Golden Saucer really be one of them? 

No disrespect to the Japanese Gamers involved in this poll, but if I was asked my top five desired changes to the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake they would be as followed: 

5. Full-Voice Acting 

4. Add hard-to-obtain legendary weapons

3. Replace Cait Sith with a new playable character

2. Create more side missions or new areas/islands to explore

1. Create at least one alternate ending (one where Aeris can live)

Even as a Tifa fan and an anti-Aeris player I do believe the remake should contain a different approach with the beloved character. It has been nearly twenty years and the shock of Aeris' death can barely be considered such anymore (it is more common knowledge nowadays than an actual spoiler). 

I do believe having actual voices for the characters will certainly help improve gameplay especially for the new generation of gamers. Plus, the addition of new missions or the ability to obtain new, never-seen before weapons will add a new spark to the game - more importantly an unpredictablilty - that both new and old fans would surely appreciate. 

For now all of us fans will have to wait and see what Square Enix has in store for us. What would your top five changes be? 


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Published Aug. 19th 2015
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    ...WHO THINKS "GEE, I COULD SURE PLAY SOME MORE PACHINKO AT GOLDEN SAUCER"?? Japan, I don't trust you're made of real people. D:

    I want updated character models and some prettier cutscenes. Some tweaked dialogue because lbr, some of the original is so beyond cheesy and I'm sure they've wanted to tweak it to fit in with the rest of the Compilation as it's expanded.

    And as an Aeris fan (no hate on Tifa, we all got our preferences), I don't care to change her storyline (it would mess up one of the most pivotal points of canon in the entire series). I don't think the story off FFVII is at about the shock value anymore, it simply is... and changing that would just cheapen it.

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