8 Well-Known Games that Began Life in Print

SnarfQuest Tales

Comic by Larry Elmore

This series began as a black-and-white comic strip in the 80s roleplaying magazine Dragon. It's the work of renowned fantasy artist Larry Elmore. The series featured in this magazine from 1985 until 1989, then spawned its own tabletop card game and full-color follow-ups from the artist himself. In 2016 it was picked up by indie studio, Cellbloc Studios, to be turned into an RPG game.

SnarfQuest follows the journey of a young Zeetvah as he goes on a mission to become the richest and most famous of all the Zeetvah's in Zeetville. The game is quite a unique blend of fantasy and sci-fi with aspects of modern life. Other than Snarf, other characters include a robot from outer space, a scantily clad warrior woman, and a balding evil wizard.

The video game is available as an Episode or in Early Access on Steam. It has been a long time since the comic was in print, but there are second-hand copies available on Amazon and there are some very nice collector's edition volumes you can buy directly from Larry Elmore's website.

Published Jun. 16th 2017

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