5 Signs Aiden Pearce is Really Batman

Is Aiden Pearce really just the Batman in real life? These signs may help answer that question.

Watch_Dogs, and it’s main character Aiden Pearce, was Ubisoft’s answer the 21st century fascination with surveillance and interconnectivity in a digital world. While the game seems futuristic, Pearce has a strong resemblance to a comic book hero who had his start in 1939. Here are the five signs Pearce is really just Batman.

1. Vigitantism Resulting from Family Deaths

Pearce’s past is revealed early in the game. After a hacking contract went sour, he was involved in a hit on his life resulting in the death of his niece. Because of her death, Pearce uses his skills to become a vigilante and seek revenge against those responsible while protecting his remaining family.

The storyline of family and justice is also the reason for Bruce Wayne creating and becoming Batman. A young Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents, and he uses the deaths as reason to take punishment into his own hands and fight crime so that no one else, including the few people close to him, are ever hurt.

2. Pearce and Batman Live in Caves

There are some pretty cool man caves available to Pearce. A handful of his hideouts are cargo containers accessible by remote control. Each container is furnished with a fold-out bed, small desk, multiple televisions, and a glass door closet.

For something resembling less of a bachelor pad and more of a party theatre for SuperBowl Sunday, Pearce and his small group of hackers eventually gain access to “The Bunker,” an underground facility located below a building only accessible by a cargo container lift. This property features various rooms, computers, processors, and nine giant screens each with the capability to hold 36 smaller monitors within it.

Batman had a slightly different taste, but very similar preferences.  His caves may not have been best suited to bring the boys over for poker since his Batcave is typically dark and damp from the various waterfalls and ravines, but he too invested in a large processor and monitor screens to protect the city like Pearce.

Besides, Batman would not like card games.  The joker cards make him antsy.

3. Gadgets and Stealth Are Their Best Tools

Pearce and Batman seem to have more gadgets than an uncle at the family reunion criticized for having a belt clip for his beeper, fanny pack for his wallet, and flip phone in his pocket that he still does not know how to use.

In Watch_Dogs, Chicago is at Pearce’s disposal through one button on his smartphone. He can disable communication devices on enemies to prevent backup from being called, or manipulate traffic patterns to disrupt a car chase. Chicago’s vigilante chooses to fight crime with the digital world as his weapon, and no one has to know who or what is activating the lethal traps.

Batman is all three Pep Boys in one suit: he has gadgets and tools for all problems. Multiple targets in the area? The throw of a Batarang takes them all out. Batman wants to fly like a bat but can’t because he doesn’t have the superhero ability to? Just shoot the Line Launcher. Someone needs to get in contact with him but cellular service is weak? Bat Signal.

4. They Don't Really Work Alone

A life of vigilantism is hard, and both characters had assistance. Even from his solo debut, Batman was featured on the cover swinging through the sky with Robin. When he was not fighting crime on the streets, Batman’s butler Alfred was patiently there for master Bruce’s every need.

The assistants Pearce had around him each had their separate roles as well. Jordi Chin was his side muscle, while Clara Lille and T-Bone Grady remained at The Bunker to help Pearce with his hacking needs.

5. Their Voice

If these two characters were placed in the same comic book against each other, one could only hope to see a battle over the last throat lozenge because their hero voices desperately needs one from hiding their identities and installing fear in their foes.

And Finally...

Whether it's the Windy City, or Gotham and Arkham City, the most impressive similarity about the vigilantes is that they are both included in recent critically accalimed games.

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Published Jul. 10th 2014
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    A curious series of coincedences.

    Has anyone ever seen Aiden and Batman in the same room together?

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