Bungie Launches Another Destiny Iron Banner Event By Mistake

Although Bungie launched this new Iron Banner event by mistake, be prepared for an updated version of the event to be launched in the not-so-distant future.

The Iron Banner has returned to Destiny, albeit as a mistake and only for an hour earlier this morning.

Bungie has confirmed via Twitter that today's Iron Banner event was launched by mistake, and that it was the old version without the new tweaks they promised with the next Iron Banner event.

In the tweet, pictured below, the developer points out that information regarding the new and improved version is going to be released to the public very soon.

The event accidentally went live early this morning, presumably during the weekly reset, but was quickly pulled down within a few hours. All of the Iron Banner bounties are gone, the back area of The Tower is closed and Iron Banner is no longer available to select from via orbit.

It appears that the Iron Banner event started ahead of time, before it was ready with new tweaks.

For any gamers who are unfamiliar with the event, Iron Banner is a special competitive multiplayer event in which player damage and armor ratings play a huge role in the PvP format. Normally within the game's Crucible mode, player levels and armor ratings are scaled and thus a non-factor in order to create a level playing field. Iron Banner let's players gain every benefit from their hard-earned gear.

During the first event, held from October 7th through the 14th, many players complained that high level characters did not have enough of an advantage. This newly patched Iron Banner promises to make significant changes to the way the event caters to the hardcore high-level players.

So keep your eyes and ears open for any news regarding the next Iron Banner event and remember Guardians, Legends are forged in battle!

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Published Nov. 4th 2014

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