Top 5 Indie Games to Grab During the Steam Summer Sale

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With the Steam Summer Sale underway, there's thousands of games on sale right now. With so many options, sometimes it can be hard to decide which games you should get -- especially when it comes to indie titles.

Hopefully, this list can help you decide. Here are 5 of the best indie games to get during the Steam Summer Sale.

5. Life is Strange

I'm not sure if Life is Strange counts as an indie game, but it sure feels like one. It is developed by Dontnod and published by Square Enix. If you like Telltale Games, you will enjoy Life is Strange, since it uses a similar episodic story and decision-focused gameplay style.

The game is a coming of age story of a high school girl named Max Caulfield and the strange events surrounding Arcadia Bay, the small town she grew up in. Max left the town around the age of 13 to move to Seattle, then returned to Arcadia Bay for high school. There her adventure begins as she discovers that she has a newfound superpower.

The story is excellent, engaging, and full of twists. As much as I enjoyed the journey of Life is Strange, I felt that the brilliant writing of the game went to waste with it's rushed, cliched ending that dismisses all of the player's choices and leaves the players with more questions than answers. While there are many fans that say that the ending makes sense for the game, I didn't feel that way.

Despite the poorly done ending, the rest of the game is amazing and filled with feels. The characters and story are very realistic and even relatable, and it has a pretty sweet soundtrack. If you're ready for an emotional roller coaster, you should try out Life is Strange.

Save 50% off on Life is Strange during the Steam Summer Sale.

Regular Price: $19.99

Steam Sale Price: $9.99

4. Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a sandbox animal raising game, where the player raises different slime creatures on their ranch to make money. The player plays as Beatrix LeBeau, a rancher who lives on the Far, Far Range -- a place that is a thousand light years away on Earth and inhabited by slimes.

Build up and upgrade your ranch to raise your cute slimes. Slimes drop plorts, which can be traded in for money to get more upgrades. Explore the land, forage for food to feed your slimes, catch slimes in the wild, and even discover new types of slimes. Just watch out for the dangerous feral slimes, which will attack you and other slimes.

Save 20% off on Slime Rancher during the Steam Summer Sale.

Regular Price: $19.99

Steam Sale Price: $15.99

3. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator game with elements of adventure and exploration, and is heavily inspired by Harvest Moon. The game is developed by ConcernedApe, and published by Chucklefish Games. If you like Harvest Moon, you will definitely enjoy Stardew Valley.

The game starts off with the player moving to start their new life in Stardew Valley on a farm that they inherited from their grandfather. There's much more to do than just farming. There's fishing, exploring mines and dungeons, make friends with townspeople, and even get married. The unique thing about marriage is that players can even marry characters of the same gender.

Discover the secrets of Stardew Valley, and unlock more places to explore. Rebuild the town's neglected community center, and get rewards and unlock special bonuses that will make farming easier. There will be more upcoming features for the game, such as multiplayer.

Save 20% on Stardew Valley during the Steam Summer Sale.

Regular Price: $14.99

Steam Sale Price: $11.99

2. Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is a 2D pixelated action role playing game developed by Heart Machine. If you like Legend of Zelda and Dark SoulsHyper Light Drifter is worth checking out. The game combines the action and adventure of Zelda games with the challenge that comes with Dark Souls games.

The pixel art is gorgeous, detailed, and vibrant. The game's world of Buried Time is dark, dangerous, and filled lost technology. The player takes control of the Drifter, who's traveling the land to find a cure to his disease.

Save 20% off on Hyper Light Drifter during the Steam Summer Sale.

Regular Price: $19.99

Steam Sale Price: $15.99

1. Undertale

Undertale is one of the most enjoyable indie games that I've had the pleasure of playing. It's a fun, quirky, adventure game with bullet hell mechanics. The character's are all interesting and likable, and the soundtrack is full of catchy songs.

The player is a human who's fallen into the Underground -- a world inhabited by monsters. As you try to find your way back home, will you choose to fight or befriend them? This is a game where your choices actually matter. Characters' behaviors and actions will change according to your action. 

Save 30% off Undertale during the Steam Summer Sale.

Regular Price: $9.99

Steam Sale Price: $6.99

While there are thousands of indie games for sale on Steam this summer, these five are among my favorites. What are your favorite indie games?

Published Jun. 28th 2016

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