Laser Leagues Roars Into Early Access Soon, Beta This Weekend

Tron inspired action sports game Laser League has confirmed a February 8th release date on Steam and an open beta launching today.

Indie studio 505 Games has officially started the open beta for their new arcade style multiplayer action sports game, Laser League. Players will fight to control a field of nodes as they attempt to annihilate the enemy team in a fast paced competitive setting. The open beta, which starts this Sunday on January 28th, will feature twelve maps (each with a different game mode) on three different arenas including London, Tianjin and Detroit.

Neil Ralley, the president of 505 Games, has stressed the importance of Laser League as a community effort, and is quoted as saying "Laser League is a game built with community and co-op as our number 1 priority; we believe it represents team-based play at its very best, and that sense of teamwork extends to involving our fans in development...we have been energized and inspired by the content and feature suggestions the community has shared and we’re looking forward to exploring that input further through our open beta this weekend."

One thing that separates Laser League from other similar titles is the inclusion of multiple classes. With six to choose from, this allows for a multitude of combinations that add a strategic element to the otherwise trigger finger, arcade style experience.

Laser League will feature servers in North America, Europe, Russia and Singapore, and according to the press release, "all players who participate will receive exclusive in-game bonus items during Early Access, including the Al Shama OASIS 401 Limited Edition Kit, unique emojis and character portraits." Check it out on Steam this Sunday.


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Published Jan. 28th 2018

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